Welcome to Skcript!

I'm incredibly honored to work with you.

Hello and welcome!

Today, is a very exciting day for us. I remember the day when we started Skcript back in 2013. We had nothing in our hands. But we had a moonshot ideas, heart full of passion and the drive to do something incredibly good and beautiful.

We were just two people sitting in a car, hacking things together back then. We knew nothing about business. We knew very little about programming and design. But what we knew clearly, was that we will make it somehow. We believed in ourselves more than the voices which said that we will fail.

We had our first engineer join us in January 2014. We worked hard. Really hard to make things incredibly good. We never settled.

Looking back, we've build great products. We've learnt things that the most expensive institutions would not teach us. We've craved our own path in the industry.

I'm really humbled to have you at Skcript, and work with you everyday to build great products and technology. While we've impacted some lives in the past, we are hungry for more.

We play in the industry where any technology that we build today could be obsolete in the next 24 months. But that's where we are making the difference. We build and focus on things that could be relevant in the next five years.

As you step in to make a difference, I want you to know that we respect people who innovate. The ones who does not even think about the box in the first place, before they try to think outside the box.

I'm honored to be leading you here at Skcript. A Skcriptie will never let another Skcriptie fail. I believe that you will also do the same for many more people who'd be joining us in near future.

Once again, welcome to Skcript! Here's to everything we would achieve together!

Your CEO,

Karthik K Signing Off